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Love our Enemies

k tried some new things in this one, there the ones with the stars

Do you like the verses or the chorus and bridge better?
How did you like the rapping on the bridge, does it fit?
How else can i make it better?

i read somewhere that people who use inventions are often the ones who come up with the idea to change them for the better, rather than the inventor or person who actually changes them, so im gonna try to let people guide me in this sense. Here is what imean :

Randomized Drums – ok but nothing great, easy to sing to
Echo effect at end - good
Delay on synth - ok
Make 8 different rifs, beats ect, take favorite one – seems to work good
Effects on vocals, reverb is good in some cases, sometimes distortion is too
Follow structures of other songs, ie verse chorus verse chorus bridge verse chorus
Drum and base song with sining – I seem to like this style
Melodies that have same timing repeated but vary in note pitch – worked pretty well
Trying to create what I hear in my head- works to some degree, easiest to do on drums
*Huming a melody over music before I decide to use it – this seemed to make it easier to sing a repeating vocal melody, for me it works best doing do, do instead of whistling or humming
*rating sections of song 1-10 keeping only high rated – seems to work out pretty well
*picking drums after make beat – works alright but a lot of kits don’t fit so you have to kinda make your own kit sometimes
*fade in/ out– works well, specially liked fadeout on 2nd of double chorus at end
*doubling vocals, record 2 separate tracks and have them play at the same time – works well in moderation
*mixing chords and melody – works pretty good
*Singing –
Practice energy by itself to see what gives energy to a song
Hold notes longer to prevent spoken wordish – works pretty good, more variety
*rap parts and sing others – awaiting answer
*picking drums before making beat – is alright, but custom drums are better usually
*Less monotony or repetitiveness to the passages- worked alright, not sure awaiting foobars response
Change up drums more often, *add 2 base lines
*Make a song, where you try to make the worst sounds, and see what makes it sound bad

Didn’t work:
Vocals to soft – work using compression and maximizer
Drums extended randomized – tried, got one good one but I think that was lucky, low odds of getting a good one, to much time and hard

Things to try:
compression on so low parts are audible
Try not fading out on vocals, perhaps work on breathing
How hard each note hits, mess with
Feel of music-
Beautiful maybe will fit my singin style
*coming up with an extended melody and bass progression
*say this is a good song in lyrics, see if it makes other people think that
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hey, i almost kind of liked this, and thats a first!

You had a chorus seperate from the verse section. During that chorus you held some notes longer. At 1:24, you were closer to actually singing than anything youve put up before

I liked the mixed up drums, added interest, although there was one glitch "chk" sound that was a little too loud or forward in the mix, but thats a minor thing.

If you actually start singing, you will be shocked at what your voice actually sounds like at full tone. Right now, save the section at 1:24, you arent singing, its just whispering with virtually no air behind it.

Your tone is not going to be anything that you shape, the tone comes out when the air is pressed over your relaxed windpipes. Everything youre trying right now to control the sound and shape is not going to work, its completely starting over.

But it will sound good. Im not going to try to talk you into getting training, youve already decided one way or another at this point...

So I enjoyed it more than most of them, this time just for about 10 seconds, from 1:24, until the spoken word started...

Im most impressed with how quickly you come up with song ideas. It bothers me that youre not using this to its full potential by getting some formal vocal and music training.

And I liked the picture of the cat.
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lol, "almost kinda liked this" ill take it :P, you guys are gonna talk me into gettin training arnt you! the whispering might in part be that the volume was to low, cuz i played it in my car and i had to turn it up real loud just to hear it, my other songs arnt like that, ya the reason the spoken word started was that i was trying mixing up rapping and singing, so i guess thats no that that doesent really work. Hehe im glad you like the cat at least, if you didnt i would think you were an alien here to conquer earth :P if your into aliens, the movie district 9 was pretty good
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The songs are getting better..... But like has been said before, I dont think your utilizing your full voice.... Im not sure how to fix this myself, Ive never been a singer, just a guitar player... So have you had time to download The Stalking and fuck around with it yet? in case you missed it you can download it here: just click on the downward arrow next to it...... feel free to give any song you like a try, (just be sure to give me credit in your posts ; ). Keep on man.

p.s. if youd like you could record your vocals then send me the wave of just your vocals and I could mess around with them in the programs I use for this..... I say this cuz youve asked me questions about adding delay and panning effects...
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Cool, ill send you the last one, its called aug30vocals5, for "love our enemies" the link is gonna try to work on the stalking today, im prolly gonna rap it but i havent decided yet, ill play around with it oh yeah ill go ahead and send the reason file too for "love our enemies" heres the link
hmmm, dunno what else to do about the voice, heres my analysis so far: (if you have any questions, just ask me, i was writing it for myself so it might not all make sense to others)

doing gug excersize low notes seem to have high laranx problem keepin me from hitting pitch.
Doing yogi bear and touching adams apple helped.
Seems to help during talkin and singin.

missing high notes with larynx low though. I guess just remember to switch it at high notes.
What note do i need to switch it to high larynx?
mid somewhere, but i think high notes require less air otherwise it sounds like im straining

i have gravel when talking, but i kinda like it, anyway maybe it is not enough air
gravel for me seems to come from head down
Excersize put head up then lower it down and notice when it gets to low it gravels
Also can put hand infront of your mouth to see how much air is coming out, less air
tends to gravel even with head held high. When singing down into the mic, it makes it gravely
Test it on audacity, hold mic inforont of nose, farther back needed, sounded really good with
head up higher.

Hey mr tamborine man (low larynx and head high to prevent gravel) sounded good
happy birthday, started off gravle, might not be head high, but head high then lowering fixes it
This begs the question what makes my gravel if not head low, can i do without gravel with head down?
I did it, with head down, sounded good happy birthday, seems to be pulling in of the stomach that
maybe causes it, ya seems to be, as soon as i relaxed my stomach it happened. Head down does seem to
initiate that posture.

Rodeo clowns, sounded good on high notes first verse, perhaps high larnx
2. ok
3. did it normal but slowed it down, thought i was hitting the right note but it was monotone
4. pretty bad, maybe it just takes alot of practice hitting notes with body set up different
5. pretty good with normal singin with proper posture and larnx. had trouble real low to high.
1.low to high, did it pretty good, seems to help if you anticipate notes.
begining of rodeo clowns slowed down was good
voice seems dead though, like no emotion, gonna try to emote it for a bit.
*6.Was beautiful, just did correct posture and tried to put emotion.

i guess it is better to hit the note you want, but there is another element, tone.
hittin all the notes but sounds dead
2. hit most notes and put some emotion, anger and excitement i got, and sadness.
3.tried smiling, missed alot of notes and didnt really emote much. sometimes got it when lowered belly, but missed some notes
trying the general, he seemed happy, maybe its cuz my shoulders are stooped, try pulling them back
*that seemed to work, shoulders back

high notes - can hit them easier if you drop jaw
he said try to mimic mouth shape of word when you speak

seem to have it easier going down than up. Try lowering jaw.

raising chin helped and lowering larnx and lossing upper stomach and perhaps throat.
naaa makes gravely noise, raise head fixes
practicing low larynx high notes, was hard to do and felled strained still
it might be natrual strain though cuz the vocal cords are pulling together.
Jumping to higher octave then getting louder made a louder sound but it was scratchy

some jaw muscles are connected to the larynx

Imitate other singers, and your style should become a mix of them
the ee sound in feel seems to make my larynx move up, studying

jack johnson
seems to sing like he loves this music
not sure if i like it or not, let me try again
i like it maybe even more than being beautiful, but is it wrong to love music
i kno w the bible says not to love things of this world
i guess its not as good cuz its kinda lyin if i dont love it, but i am bueaiful so thats not a lie
but if i sing somethin i actually love then it wouldnt be a lie i guess
lower it but still hit the note
like it when it comes out easy, sounded good too
tried putting lips out, kinda like a fish put open more, had a different sound
sounded pretty good, the e was easy like this
the word time is really hard, the i seems to turn into an a if i sustain it,
gravely and larynx wants to go up
When you put the larnx down and act like big man, it kinda works.
trying to say side like jack it came out really loud when i pushed air from bottom of neck,
sounded like i had athority, maybe this is the middle voice
its kinda scary and mean sounding almost
quik jump down in notes, now ow ow
****singing like i didnt care was interesting, sounded cool at the begining, maybe that attitude
helped relax my muscles, i guess if you sing like you care, then other people will care
and might get afraid to see what it sounds like, and they can have fun singin along, even
if its subconsious
sounded more fun compared to the sweet calm sound of me trying to hit notes.
Singing i sound from lower neck sounded mad
*not caring attitude and singin like jack came out kinda whispery and sexy
lakaukilele, high and strained sounding,saying a sound from lower throat sounded good
*crying voice - maybe this crying sound attracts our attention, if one could sorta cry
but give a good feeling, it might be like a drug, a viscious cycle if you will :P
it really did grab my attention, but more so made me worry than feel good.
could be used every now and then maybe but idunno
what if i try to use no crying at all?
sounded like i could kick your ass lol, its a differnt sorta attraction

chili peppers
has this sorta down in the darkness everything sucks vibe, never noticed it before
also kinda exciting when you put it in a higher pitch.
noticing melodies stand alone nicely, maybe its just the song hes singin, its a kinda down song
tried singing like that, didnt like it, was annoying
acted like i was in pain, sorta woked like crying, brought people to me

modest mouse
kinda sound like there yelling at you like listen to me, then there like im the man right after that
kinda strong sounding, that seemed to work, and sound like him in float on
so this pattern of saying im strong, or proving im strong, then sayin im the big man, makes me wonder
if all popular vocalist have some sort of drug connection to there listeners
i find myself focusing on tone alot more than pitch
when i do both its kinda magical
i also noticed that he was creative with something he said, like the tone was suprising or somethin,
in float on, i think it was the most fun i had so far

sings like im so beautiful, lets see if i can imitate it, was aight, but maybe it has to sound
really beautiful to work drug wise, seems you have to be happy about being bueaiful or it dosent work
im so sad most of the time its different, but it might be good for me.

frank sinatra -
really ennunciates

billy idol
pushes lips out and in

*eggin mouth made it easy to sing high notes
started really paying attention to the sound when i was singin like, saying im bueatiful, and happy
about it

tried excersize where you talk the lyrics then sing them and try to get the same feel and emphisis
didnt really seem to do anything
talk like a news anchor, end sentances up or same note, they try to make stories interesting but not

like sound of my voice when i relax the back of my throat, atleast the mid ranges, let me test the others
tight throat on low note sounded like i was mad, relaxed sounded good i guess hard to say with one note

shoulders back
raising chest and shoulders while breathing decreases air to sing with
blowing out candles, last 2 out of 4 are harder, not enough air.
phone book excersize
uneven blast of air make it hard to hit notes i guess

middle voice, vocal cords are relaxed into the middle, so relaxed vocal chords as much as you can
while singing the high notes shoul keep it in middle e3 to b3, sounds loud if you do it right
the cry can take you into it

day 4
cry helped, octave and half was hard,
cryin high is hard, notes go everywhere
sayin im beautiful when i sing works well to get sad feelings across too, it like makes you wanna listen
or something

tried changing volume and tone around to give energy - sorta worked
can talk energetic, seems to vary pitch and put a breathy exited feel at parts, i did end on trail
just tried to do all energy, kina worked, felt alive sorta
singin though instead of talking all energy sounded annoying try varying energy with beauty
that seemed to work less annoying, try excitement instead of energy
well what can energy be
exitement, enthusiasm, anger, bring people down, make people happy, make them feel love
exitment - didnt really like
enthusiasm - kinda liked it but wasent really sung
anger- sounded mean, but kinda liked it, almost authoritative, but i dont wanna make anyone mad
bring down - worked but odnt like
happy - liked it but hard to make a melody out of
loved- kinda low energy but idunno, maybe thats how i communicate love
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I think your song is innovative, original, and awesome. I dig the rapping. Try adding some stretched out synth pads with some sort of abstracts chords around the middle or end of the song so that i has some build. The song structure itself needs dynamics. Great stuff dude
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Kallie1234555 is my other username on this website. sorry for the confusion
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thanks for the comment, im glad you enjoyed it, i prolly wont go back and change it, but i did write down the stuff you said
to try to do it on my next song, thanks a bunch cody

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