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Old 2009-09-14, 19:46
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Talking 2 New Dubstep Tracks - "Perfect Astronaut", and "These Streets Growl"

Hey gang,

Here's a new dubstep tracks I made in Reason. The first is called "Perfect Astronaut" it features samples of a Sesame Street segment with Buzz Aldrin talking to kids about space. The second, "These Streets Growl" is kinda a jazz influenced atmospheric dubstep track.

Youtube Link "Perfect Astronaut":

Download "Perfect Astronaut":
Download "These Streets Growl":
Old 2009-09-14, 19:48
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I likes.
Old 2009-09-15, 00:09
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That's deep. I envy people who can produce dub... I can do drum and bass, but dub is something else! Love this tune, well done.
Old 2009-10-08, 22:47
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thanks guys
Old 2010-04-14, 01:06
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hey your myspace link is dead.
loving the hecticness in perfect astronaut. (that break at 2:45ish is awesome)
drums sound a bit loud to me but then I'm on headphones cos it's late.

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