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Lightbulb Reverse Files!

Hey Guys
I just got my copy of record and I'm really happy with it.
But there's one thing bugging me completely, which is I don't know how to reverse files!
I mean, I can export a file then import into NNXT but thats totally interrupting the workflow...
is there something I didn't see?
Or is it possible that its indispensible to get to reverse Fiiles with a few mouseclicks, as in Logic or ProTools?
please dear propellerheads, it can't be that complicated to put a reverse option into the next update of beautiful record!
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yea i was lookin for this option but sadly no reverse audio option you have to bounce then into NNxt sucks but i still luv record...hope it will be in next version
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I have to agree. The ability to reverse an audio file is something I consider "basic". It should be added if not already included.
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use the rv7000 reverse algorithm as an insert effect then bounce to a new mixer channel, if the audio to be reversed is short.

I keep an audacity window open in the background for doing long sections of say, backmasked vocals. I just keep all the forward and reverse files in the song Bounce folder on my desktop. Audacity is quite light on the cpu and isn't a rewire application, so no opening and closing Record.

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Remember that the basic functionality is there on the NN-XT, so a couple of bounces if you use Record.


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