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Old 2009-11-16, 22:06
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A little track I made only with Reason

A remix I made.
Old 2009-11-17, 03:45
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Good stuff. This is house right? I'm typically a big anti house snob (well I'm a snob to so many genres) but this had me bobbin my head. So... good! Love the airy symphony interlude towards the beginning and the cut'n'paste sound to everything.

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.
Old 2009-11-17, 08:00
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That is a good compliment! Thanx mate!
Old 2009-11-17, 20:07
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I like it! And the phased sample that comes in at 01:02 sounds really cool looped. I would turn down the crescendo at 1:31 just a hair though. Had to tweek the volume knob as the volume peeked because it is so much louder than the rest of the mix.

Really cool mix though man!
Ryan Dunlap - Songwriter / Producer
Old 2009-11-17, 22:28
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You may be very right on that one mate.
This version is before mastering.

But thanx for the feedback. Im glad that u liked it as well mate!

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