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Fire Wire Question

I currently own a fire box from presonus IEEE 1394.I will be upgrading to a new system with a fire wire port of IEEE 1394a.My question is will my fire box still be compatible with the 1394a port
thanks guys
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It should be compatible; if it isn't, something is odd. PreSonus could give you a definite answer I bet. How do you like your firebox, by the way? I'm thinking about getting one.
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Posts: n/a's great i had it for five or six years now very sturdy i'm using it with Record my guitar and bass sound great going through it.i also never had a single problem with it.
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it's not the same plug, so if the only plug you have is a firewire 1394, it won't fit a 1394a. But there are some cable you can buy on ebay or else where that have a 1394 to a 1394a plug.

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