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Old 2010-05-29, 00:47
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Question Praying for Rebirth on OS-X - Others out there?

Hi there,

yes, Rebirth was outstanding as it appears on the market. And now it is available for free in the Rebirth Museum. This is really great. That it runs on those Windows machines is also great - for owners and users of this OS.

People using an up to date OS-X are unfortunately unable to use rebirth. That's not reall new but still annoying - as Rebirth has it's own unique flair and sound and (the most important and interesting part) a Rebirth-Machine in Reason. But for what? That's really odd...

Instead of developing a - nice but nothing else - iPhone-Release of Rebirth i would pay some bucks for a OS-X-Version that's usable on OS-X. Instead i also would accept Rebirth as a machine available in Reason (like Thor etc.). From my point of view you might charge between 99 and 149 for this.

Is there any chance to see the rebirth of the rebirth on Apple hardware? Are there other users out there who are interested in this?



PS: Yes, there are many 303 and 808 clones out there. Some of them have a really outstanding sound and interesting features. It's also possible to read old rebirth files - they say so. But they are not integrated into Reason and old songs relying on Rebirth cannot utilize them. Also they sound often a bit different.
Old 2010-05-29, 02:46
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Some of these patches/refills should be good alternatives to ReBirth.

There also is a program called ReMaker which converts RBS files to MIDI, but it's only available for Windows. You still might want to check it out :
Old 2010-11-13, 13:32
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I do wonder why Rebirth is not available for OS X.
Old 2010-11-13, 15:36
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I've been praying that Rebirth be implemented in Reason for years. And with the release of Rebirth for the iPhone and iPad it has at least given me hope that Propellerheads have not forgotten about the original classic.

I'm personally hoping for Recycle and Rebirth integration in the next versions of Reason or Record. Inclusion of both tools in a future release would be a really good look.
Old 2010-11-13, 15:56
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Originally Posted by papercrane View Post
i've been praying that rebirth be implemented in reason for years. And with the release of rebirth for the iphone and ipad it has at least given me hope that propellerheads have not forgotten about the original classic.

I'm personally hoping for recycle and rebirth integration in the next versions of reason or record. Inclusion of both tools in a future release would be a really good look.
Old 2011-07-19, 20:59
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Yeah, Rebirth on Mac OSX would be cool, but I'd already be satisfied with the integration of the 303 module into Reason - no need to integrate the drum modules though ...
Old 2011-07-20, 15:37
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Originally Posted by BOBLAZO View Post

I do wonder why Rebirth is not available for OS X.
Especially since Reason on OS X still has the ReBirth integration Device ::roll::
Reason 6.5
Old 2011-07-21, 13:22
joseydeclaire joseydeclaire is offline
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ReBirth actually on MAC, no matter if rewired or integrated to Reason will be really fine ... hoping too that props will help out there ...
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Old 2010-11-13, 18:44
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If you can get the boys over at 5.10 to switch over numerology 3 to PC (oh yeah and we want logic back to)

Like you said there are some pretty good reaktor emulations to play with
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Old 2010-11-13, 19:13
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It does seem bizarre that Rebirth isn't on OSX. On the iPad, but not on the main platform? On th iPhone, but not on the main platform? What's that about?

Seriously, I miss it. Come on Props - porting Rebirth onto OSX is the ONE thing you can do that will make sure you all get club class cabins in Heaven

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