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Old 2010-06-01, 00:36
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Ability to view more than one piano roll at a time

Record/Reason4 currently appears to only show a single note lane's piano roll at a time.

When composing music with several voices, it's often extremely important to know what the other voices are doing. Presently, I have to had to compose in a single piano roll, duplicate, then remove notes. This works to a point, but still makes editing after the fact quite difficult, and results in a lot of flicking between note lanes and trying to remember the current bar in the other voices. It also causes collisions with same notes on different instruments. To help with this, I've actually started to write down my music on paper...

I am aware that one can possibly ReWire Record from a more dedicated composition program - however before advocating that work-around I'd like to suggest the following UI improvements:

1. implement the ability to 'split' the note lane in the Sequencer's "Edit" mode, much like one can split a MS Word window, to allow the display and editing of multiple note lanes (on the same device, and between different devices) with synced time axis. This would make it very easy to see what the other voices are playing at that point in time. In fact this idea could be extended to allow splitting of the entire Sequencer window, so that multiple Arrange mode views are also possible.

2. alternatively, or in addition, implement a 'ghost' mode where one or more other note lanes are overlaid (yet read-only, perhaps greyed out and in the 'background') on the current note lane, so that although you can't edit the other lanes, you can at least see what they are doing at that point in time. This would complement suggestion #1, as it would help to see how the voices move between each other, especially if the 'active' voice could be easily selected (and the others sink into the grey background).

I believe both or even one of these improvements would greatly increase the usability of the Sequencer for those people that want to construct more elaborate harmonies in Record/Reason.

I've created a quick mock-up here. Apologies for my lack of graphical editing skills - it's just a rough idea of what it might look like, no consideration has been made for the details of the UI. The attached file is a lower-res version of the same picture.
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