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Old 2010-06-16, 02:25
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Smile Translate VST/AU requests into Propsesque feature requests

I prefer the Props way of doing things, so please don't take this as a I-want-VST-support post, because I don't. I do fee strongly that Props keep the general user experience model-- it's fun and it's better. Well, what's there is better but I certainly think there could be many more devices to manipulate. This is not a request for preset driven devices. I want the wires, I want many more wires!

Again, I don't want VSTs in product but I'd love to see Propellerhead's take on a few plug-ins. Here's my list and I love to see yours. (Again, I'm going to stay away from preset driven synths, because I think with the right programming devices , effects and basic sound generators, most every sound is possible..)

  1. I love the possibilities of using MIDI filter "plug-ins". I think there is a way to do this with the Props model.. maybe every existing device would have a virtual MIDI in/out port set. I've only used MIDI filters for filtering out certain midi values or notes, but I can see the Props device translating notes, values to CVs to trigger or scale effects, pan, level, etc.
  2. Live Cut I think serves as an inspiration point. I'd be disappointed if Props tried to make an explicit Glitch device, but I think audio (and maybe MIDI!) buffering, reversing, bit-mashing and extreme pitch effects could be part of a new and exciting device. for example, I can see this dropped inline (90% dry mix)with synth combi's to create texture. I'd like to see what someone like Koshdukai would do with new complex devices that in some ways might displace what he's created in the past.
  3. A granular synthesis module (or even an NN-XT) that can be plugged into other synth devices that would push grains in. I'm not going to ask for a bigger, better Malstrom. I think it would be far more exciting to run some sort of new cable between an NN-XT and a Thor. Sort of the same way a vocoder and a synth work together, but this would be a modular way to build a granular monster synth!
Okay, those are the ones from the top of my head. In my opinion, I don't think random VST requests help much, but translating some real benefits into the Props model might work. Maybe. Maybe.

Looking forward to Reason 5!
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