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Feedback on my first dubstep track

Hi Guys,

Since making my first few tracks (which were all drum n bass) about a month ago I've not done anything more on Reason but then tonight I decided to have a go at making a dubstep track. Its not heavy (or "filthy") dubstep, in fact I dont know what kind of dubstep it is but hey... its still very much a work in progress but just wondered if anyone could give any feedback on it?
Here's the link:

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Bumpety bump
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Just had myself a listen. I think overall this hits the more spacey, atmospheric end of the dubstep spectrum. The sounds work well together, but I think the drums could stand some more oomph if that makes sense...maybe in particular around the :56 mark when the wobble bass kicks in. Other than that, maybe add a bit more variety (1-2 new breakdowns or changes in the beat). Other than those suggestions, you have a nice foundation for a soundtrack-esque dubstep-influenced track.
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Thanks man I think the kick drum needs more of a thud to it as well but I just cant get it to do that! I'll keep playing around with it though and see what I can do
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