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Mono check button

Mono check button somewhere near the master fader
Old 2010-11-21, 03:12
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Yes please.
Old 2010-11-21, 10:56
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now thats a useful idea!
might aswell have an MS button implemented...
Old 2011-02-28, 01:28
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Stereo imager, switch lo band to mono hi band to mono. On for mono, bypass for stereo. problem solved.
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I also made a combi that switches between mono and a stereo flip. It would be a nice convenience, but not at all necessary.
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When checking in mono, be sure to only listen on ONE speaker (it's MONO, right?!?). This is 'true' mono, as two speakers producing the same thing is technically still stereo because you are still listening to two speakers (and you are actually hearing a phantom 'center' image when listening in mono). There is a noticeable sonic difference between a phantom image and a 'real' center speaker in surround systems, and this difference is what you will also experience when checking for 'mono' compatibility if you don't switch to one speaker. For a mix to be mono compatible, it should should good on a single speaker in mono.

If you build a combi, you should add a button that does this. You can also consider adding a -6 dB button (or automatically subtract 6 dB when the mono button is engaged) to compensate for the fact that you are summing two channels together - this will prevent clipping the output when switching to mono. When using the Reason mixer, moving the level from 100 (unity gain) down to 80 gives you -6 dB.
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Well, phase cancellation problems can still be revealed with two speakers,
because L and R channels are added (averaged) together and send to both speakers.
The degree of accuracy of mono send over two speakers depends on room acoustics.
For those who don't own a monitor controller, a mono button may be useful.

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