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Old 2010-11-26, 18:27
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preset for EQ/Comp for different style

need to save or load preset for EQ / Compressor !!!!
Old 2010-11-26, 19:17
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Have you loaded the mastering combis that are made for different styles?
Old 2010-11-27, 01:31
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Originally Posted by pirnikas View Post
Have you loaded the mastering combis that are made for different styles?
1. It makes basically no sense to have ANY presets for any style!

2. Who does mastering in Reason?
Old 2010-11-26, 22:57
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Originally Posted by mpmsoft View Post
need to save or load preset for EQ / Compressor !!!!
Don't know if you are suggesting factory presets, or wishing you could make your own - either way, you may not know that when you put any device in a Combinator it will save the settings (even for the MClass devices). These could be easily loaded into other tracks as needed. An MClass EQ/Dynamics combo could be handy to have.

If you're talking about the Record EQ/Dynamics, you can create entire template songs and just copy and paste the channels you want! Name the tracks to indicate how the channels should be used.

[this may not apply to the OP, I'm just providing some general information]
I use MY OWN presets as general purpose starting points, and also copy settings from one song to another when working on album projects. However, 'factory' presets are kinda hard to make useful (except as starting points). Besides, it's easy to dial up your own EQ and dynamics, especially considering that a preset won't know what you're feeding it.

For example, a preset called Bright Snare could work well on a dull snare, but a snare that's already bright would not do as well with that preset. And even with the dull snare, you'll still probably want to tweak the frequency and boost/cut amounts anyway - it would only be because of shear luck if an EQ or Dynamics preset worked without any tweaking. :-)

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