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New to Propellerhead & feedback

Hi there,

as an old Cubase addict I gave myself a small kick to buy the record/reason bundle, basically to widen my sound and find new inspiration in new synth sounds and arranging techniques, not to skip my production to completely new recording products.

Despite of some video presentations and tutorials I decided to trust the crazy amount of people worshipping propellerhead products and avoided to start a demo run before buying the programs since 400€ for two professional software bundles is not what I call "heavy expenses".

First of all - at least this was my impression - the whole propellerhead stuff you find in the internet (presentations, interviews with producers and "fancy appearance") tastes a little bit like Apple and Steve Jobs marketing semantics. All in all people praise the software to be "so easy" and "all you need in one place", "very intuitive" and "supporting the people who simply wanna make music". As a person who likes to be creative without boundaries I found it a little bit odd that people are actually telling you what you really need. Creativity is not easy at all - and producing interesting and kicking tracks - as simple as the result may sound - is not trivial or driven by easy software; and I'm sure you (hobby) producers can confirm.

There are simply two important things:
- you feel creative
- you are not inspired at all

No software in the whole world could run a creative idea down - or make you stop evolving your ideas. If so, it is more or less a philosophical question if you really want to produce or simply listen.
(I talk about working software, not hardware-based problems that can also occur in propellerhead products).
What I wanna point out (and you all may call it obvious): Propellerhead doesn't make you creative. Maybe it's intentional marketing or not, but most videos in the internet seem to imply the latter.

Reason and Record as a bundle (and I surely mean BUNDLE) is a powerful and funny tool to sketch your ideas on the canvas - and maybe it is a different way of producing stuff, compared to tools like cubase or protools - not an easier one in my opinion. People who grew up with piles of synthesizers may indeed feel familiar with propellerhead software, but I am maybe too young for this generation (as a teenager you don't have the money to buy a clavia electro, it usually stays a dream), so in past I started with simple trackers and headed on to hardware recording by Steinberg. In that time I didn't feel like there was a proper Reason and Record to do what I want to do with music.

100% copy of hardware haptics is grotesque. In reality you can feel the cables and see it all clearly. In Reason you find yourself in a mashup of cables that don't make "clear production" that easy. Funny idea, but still a bit too much - and to be honest: Is it the cable stuff that make you love true synths? I always thought it was the knobs and powerful sounds (everything else sounds like exaggerated retrofeeling to me).

I don't wanna talk about the features people like to be implemented in Record (we know there are no VSTs e.g.), but from a creative point it feels odd to stop working with KOMPLETE or the cool sounds you learned to love. To put it to the point: I want it all, but the software is not really intended to support me. Of course, there is Rewire, but working with rewire and finally 3 different programs plus external sound bundles makes it not fun at all.

Then I find it important to state that Cubase is not so complicated and difficult at all. I find it quite easy, but powerful - I don't feel this is a proper argument against other software (no namedropping, but sometimes you feel propellerhead likes to compare with "other software" - and we all know what they mean with "other software").

Nevertheless Reason/Record is a cool software-bundle. It is good in what it does. Not in what it doesn't do. Editing slices is such a great thing (and the reverse function is fantastic). Then the output sounds and effetcs are excellent in my opinion. No words about Neptune, nuff said in other threads. Probably the best software vocoder / pitcher I have ever heard.

In the end I will probably produce most straightforward minimal tracks with reason/record - and complex asymmetrical ambient cutups with Cubase - and wait for the dream come true: Easy integration beyond the one-way-slave-rewire situation today.

Very nice software, but the closed box stops me from being over-enthusiastic.

Finally I need an honest statement about ReCycle: Is it really worth the money? Or is it just a kind of "luxury addon"? Let's say: For people who like to work with minimal techno / house, NOT d'n'b, hiphop or breakbeats.

So long,
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Great for first post, right thoughts!

Foe myself not only brain inspire me, but GOOD Propellerheads software too! =)
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I been using Reason for about 7 years. And i have self taught myself everything i know which is just scratching the surface. But the best thing i can say is read the discovering reason articles. They explain a lot about the basics. They even show you how all the synth and drum machines tie together. What i like to do is see there configuration of the rack, then open up a new window and create the same rack so you know which cable connect to what so instead of reading it your actually creating it. Hope this helps

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