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Recording electronic drums

Hey people, I'm trying to record my drummers electronic drum kit via midi. I have no issue recording audio, but it's the midi information that I can't seem to lay down. I've never plugged a midi instrument before so I'm not sure if I'm doing everything correctly.
I'm using a midi cable from the drum unit straight into my sound card which is connected to the computer. I've ignited my midi connections in the advanced prefs setup. I am definitely receiving signal from the kit via midi connections. If I connect a kong to the midi output, the pads on the kong light up with each pad strike on the electronic drum pads. Clear signal and I can hear the audio. So why can't I record the midi information in the sequencer on that drum channel?

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The External Control Bus (Preferences/Advanced) bypasses the sequencer and route the input from one specific MIDI channel directly to a device in the rack.
If you want to record the MIDI from your electronic kit, add it (as an <other>/MIDI Keyboard) in Preferences/Keyboards instead.
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Thanks John, gonna give it a bash tonight.
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Thank you John for this revelation, I was banging my head for a while trying to figure this out.

Many thanks, Bless!!

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