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A Notepad button

What would be great to have is a button which opens up a notepad which you could type in lyrics or any notes you want to jot down on the fly for each individual project. Simple but nice.
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GeorgeFeb GeorgeFeb is offline
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I'm would be say - silly, but nice! =)
Old 2011-04-24, 22:55
RedCamel RedCamel is offline
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That will come in handy during the mixing stage. )

I support this.
Old 2011-04-25, 10:39
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+1 full support for this idea
My mind is glowing

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yep + 1 on having a simple little Text editor window that would save with the file and where one could save also details on all midi override's etc...
So yes indeed .)
Old 2011-04-26, 02:05
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I use the "song information" option that normally displays info on loading songs, author, website etc

Then I add a "see notes" suffix to the songfile name to remind me that I have "notes" attached to said file.

...tis another work-around

+1 though for the feature request
Old 2011-04-26, 15:30
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I support this Idea.

There is user made tool for Cocko's Reaper which extract Project notes and track connections -name of all vst plugins attached to track, track name, tempo, volume etc - in formatted html document. It'l be nice add on Especially mixer settings, in Reason/Record. Some kind project documentation which would be very handy in archivering -dearchivering of ol projects too.

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