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Old 2011-06-23, 03:16
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can experts help? dJ gear. beat maker asking for advice on dj gear

Hey. I used to make beats and I used to spin vinyl. I want to start DJ'ing and I need some advice on putting together a new DJ setup. I used to spin vinyl, so I want to start spinning with CD's or my laptop.
I have about $1000-$1500 to spend. Can someone give me advice on what kind of cd players to everybody are using. You know the usual. I need to get two CD turntables and a mixer or can you DJ with strictly a laptop and some type of software or midi unit or midi controller? What kind of software do you use with a laptop? I know they have midi controllers (I think) using midi turntables. I think that's what it is. You hook the turntables to a laptop and it has a controller that are turntables.

I basically don't want to go broke buying DJ equipment, so can someone do me a favor and advise me on the basics of what I need. I want to use my laptop to spin. I used to make beats and such, but now I want to start DJ'n. I have about $1000-$1500 to spend. I don't want to buy cheap crap just to say I have it.
Is there something that is a must have to start DJ'n on a laptop. Do people even use CD turntables anymore? Sorry so many questions. I just don't want to buy cheap stuff. Please let me know. I don't know what to buy. Thanks. I hope I didn't ask enough questions. Thanks if you can help me.

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well i would suggest something like traktor scratch pro in combination with timecode vinyl, so you can handle your laptops soundfiles pretty similar to your classic vinyl setup

you could even use your existing turntables with traktor.

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