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Midi chord and scale filter !!!

A nice and much needed feature would be to have a new pattern lane for chord progressions.
For example, 2 bars of C maj, 1 bar of D min, then 1 bar G7. This is just a 4 bar loop etc. ,but could be 2,8,16 bars or whatever length you want.

Once you have your chord progression mapped out in the chord pattern lane, you would just simply play one note on your midi keyboard ,pc keyboard, or the on screen keyboard(f4) etc. to record your rhythms to the mapped out chord progresion. Or maybe step record the rhythm in the pianoroll.

The scale filter feature would work by choosing a scale and note key ex. (A minor) ,from a menu button in the midi sequencer area.
Then you go into the pianoroll were the only notes you see are notes from the A minor scale.
I guess you could also choose what octaves of the scale you want also. ex. (c1,c3,c4)

Another way to do the scale filter would be just to have for example only the notes from the A minor scale are hi-lighted with a different color etc.
This would nice for the pianoroll in the matrix sequencer!!

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