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Old 2011-09-15, 02:54
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Lightbulb Kilo Beatz!!!! Too young to have soul???

Is 17 years old too young to have a bit of soul? Check out this track and you be the judge. This one send me into a different zone. I impressed the hell out of my pops with this one...
Old 2011-09-15, 07:41
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Originally Posted by aquelay View Post
Is 17 years old too young to have a bit of soul?
Apparently not You got it right. I can hear rapping for the verse and singing for the chorus, so I guess it feels more like a hip-hop soul fusion to me. If you are only 17 you are for sure on the right track to a career.. I wish I was that skilled 12 years ago! I liked your last beat too.
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