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Lightbulb Advanced Session State


I think the following would be a very cool and very helpfull addition to Reason 7:

Advanced Session State.

Main purpose?

To be an efficient way to create different swappable settings for a song.


On the transport panel is a session state button.
clicking on this with the left mouse button will save the state of Reason (explained later and can be like block mode so that you can name your saved states).
Click with the right mouse button on this button will let you choose one of the saved states (like the block selector for instance).

What will be saved in a state?

- All the intstrument/effect settings
- All the SSL mixer/channel settings
- Transport settings

State 0 is the state where te patches are editable (original song)
From state 1 and higher you cannot change the patches anymore, only the settings to keep the states insync with the original song).

Why only settings?

1st: Create states based on audio and instrument patches would demand large processorpower and harddisk space.
2nd, states are much faster swappable without reloading patches and audio if you were save these in a state too.

And when I save my song?

Then the saved states of the song will be saved too, selfcontained.

Can I get rid of the states?

Add an addition to the Save & optimize option in the File menu where you can save your song without the states. A question will be asked about wich state you want to apply the the optimized song file.
This state the becomes the 0 state for the new saved song.

Seems a nice idea too me!


Marc Nieuwhof

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