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Old 2011-11-14, 16:40
everslim everslim is offline
Join Date: Mar 2004
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Little Plastic Stars - Sing About The Dead

New-ish track. Enjoy!

Sing About The Dead

I'm running circles in place.
And furthermore, there's nothing more to do.
Was planning our great escape,
And furthermore, there's no one else to muse.
Grey skies surrounded me, but I loved your vibrancy and sought you out.
Radio cacophony, but I'll find your frequency and call you out.
But furthermore, there's nothing I can do.

I had to clear my head to sing about the dead.
I had to clear my head to sing about the dead.

Everything's over.
Everything's over.
Great music changes lives.
Old 2011-11-14, 22:31
Joumb's Avatar
Joumb Joumb is offline
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A really surprising and cool second half. The earlier 'liveness' and noise of the recording works too I think. Nice one :-)
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Old 2011-11-15, 00:06
hnelson's Avatar
hnelson hnelson is offline
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everslim, i love love love your field recordings in the 1st half. lurve the train esp.

and the harmonies that come in around 3:15 are thumbs up. nice driving drums too. lots i like about this song.

thanks for sharing,

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