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Effects on individual kong drum pads?

Could I connect one single drum pad to like a scream 4 distortion, like using external effects instead of just the drum fx that come with kong?
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Yes, Just plug it into whatever effect you want!

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route things however you'd like....this is why we love Reason!!
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Um ok but I have no idea how to do this? Im trying to add a digital delay line effect to my number 2 pad, and Im trying to make a connection from the output of the 2nd pads gate to the input of the digital delay line but nothing is working. Can someone give me some specifics on how to do this? Sorry for my complete ignorance btw.
Old 2011-11-17, 09:30
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You can route the desired pad to its own output with the programmer by selecting the output bus near the bottom. If you choose outputs 3-4 instead of master out, you can then connect those outputs from Kong's backpanel to the destination you want. You might need to create a new mix channel eventually for that output.

Also, I think there are two aux buses in Kong for external effects..? I haven't explored the auxes at all myself, so I might be speaking nonsense here, but I'd see what they do in this case.

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