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Old 2012-01-09, 05:56
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How could I make this Awesome Dubstep Noise? (Best dubstep track of the year)

Hey I'm new to Reason. I'm trying to make some sick dubstep and Drum & Bass. (and hip-hop but i'll just focus on dubstep for now because its harder) i'm getting a little better everyday and maybe I am a little ahead of myself asking how to do something only a select few Dubstep producers could replicate in sickness, but I really want to know!!! How do you guys think Skream went about creating those sick noises I hear in the 2nd drop of the song Nefarious, I have also heard artists like Datsik and Zeds Dead achieve similar sounds...

Here's the Link, the sound I want occurs at the 3.17 mark:
(is it just a wobble, how does it sound so cool)
even if you dont know the answer feel free to comment on how sick the track is or any other crazy sounds you want to learn about

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Old 2012-01-09, 09:00
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My guess is it´s one long note modulated by a LFO on a pretty low rate w/ a phaser on top which is frequency is modulated by a LFO using the same rate.Maybe a little distortion added to give it this kinda screechy sound.
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Old 2012-01-09, 11:28
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Buy N.I Massive, put OSC1 to scream, filter to scream, modulate the filter a little and that's all folks
Old 2012-01-09, 12:02
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Dunno how it does sounds so cool, but I like JB VenusFlyTrap bass patch, just have tweak it for yourself & all be great!

I've just add some Reason Scream & Reverb...
Old 2012-01-09, 16:24
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Originally Posted by Mate View Post
Dunno how it does sounds so cool, but I like JB VenusFlyTrap bass patch, just have tweak it for yourself & all be great!

I've just add some Reason Scream & Reverb...
Good job Mate!

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Old 2012-01-09, 15:26
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holy F, massive sound.
Old 2012-01-09, 20:37
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It will be far more rewarding to come up with your own interesting and cool synths than to imitate others.

If you get into to the Thor you can do anything,
but the quickest/easiest way is to use the malstrom and careful use of the scream.
Use the spider-splitter to beef up the sound, and perhaps some auxiliary effects (to brighten things up or wideners etc) - all housed within a combinator.

Get even further to big it bigger (if necessary) by looking through the Dynamics found in the FSB.
Old 2012-01-09, 21:58
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all of your answers are great thanks

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