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Old 2012-01-09, 22:53
tibetanpunk tibetanpunk is offline
Join Date: Aug 2009
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First song mixed with Reason 6 (heavy rock)

I just finished mixing and mastering my first track with Reason 6. The song was originally recorded using Nuendo a while back, but I was never satisfied with the mix there. I exported the raw audio tracks without effects and then remixed them in Reason 6 using it's effects, then mastered it within Reason as well.

I think it sounds a lot better when mixed and mastered through Reason 6, using it's effects and mixer. If anyone was interested I could maybe dig up the old mix for comparison.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Old 2012-01-10, 19:27
Ixus's Avatar
Ixus Ixus is offline
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Nice track man! I dig!

Cheers dude
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Old 2012-01-11, 17:22
eatis eatis is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 10
nice song. but in my opinion the guitar on the left channel is way too loud. but it rocks hehe
Old 2012-01-11, 23:29
kiddego's Avatar
kiddego kiddego is offline
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i think ya did a great job...vocals i liked as well
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Old 2012-01-11, 23:36
hnelson's Avatar
hnelson hnelson is offline
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sounds good! nice fx on the vocals especially. i agree with eatis though - -- i'm almost deaf in my left ear, and yet it's pretty level with the right side in my fonz. :-) but the song vibes really well and i think that left level is only noticeable at first. the energy of the song took me away.

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