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Old 2012-01-22, 23:38
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Clay Sculptures and Good Synthesizer Music: A Short Video

Here is the short film I made with some music I made last night playing to it. I think that clay sculpting is also fun, and in this video are some heads of people. The video is 2:41 minutes long. I hope that you like both the art and the music.

Billy McBride
Old 2012-01-23, 01:01
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Join Date: Jul 2011
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I have always liked making abstract paintings, and this is my first attempt at making clay forms. I also paint simple portraits, but it is neat to be able to buy $60.00 worth of air dry clay from Walmart, have them ship to me the 50 lbs. of it and see what happens. I have learned that if I wanted to, at some point in the future, if I have the money, I can bronze these sculptures.

I think that next month I will buy maybe enough clay to do about four more busts. And, I am also planning the purchase of a Roland Boss DR3 drum machine to play and record live with my Juno D Synthesizer. I think the different types of creativity feed off of one another, and I like the chance to get to experiment with both.

My singing on my other videos and on soundcloud is still something I am working to perfect. However, I was bummed out that last night I tried to record a long lyrical song, but then after I finished I did not have the memory on my recorder to begin with. I was frustrated enough to wait to re-sing the song until another day. I will probably add that song to my youtube files very soon too when I retake it.

Billy M.

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