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High Latency with Balance?


I have a Sony Vaio running Windows 7, with a Core i7 chip, 2.24ghz, 6gb RAM, basically well above the system requirements for Record/Reason 6. My problem is I just bought Balance and experience clicks, pops, and playback interruptions on latency settings below the sample rate of 256 and above 48khz/s...this seems weird as I could operate at 96 khz/s on my old soundcard at 128 latency setting) on my old PC (core 2 2.12 ghz processsor), but now the performance seems to be sharply reduced. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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Hello Skie, I also just got Balance (For Christmas). I Also use a Sony Vaio Laptop Core2 Duo CPu @ 2.10 Ghz. I also experience Pops N Clicks.. its actually doing it right now. I don't have issues with latency though, just the clicks.. The Signal/Clip indicator is lighting up each time it clicks.. even with nothing connected to it. Just the usb power?? Let me know if you find anything else...
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Hey, been doing a bit of researching, when I get home I'm gonna try turning off my Wireless LAN adapter (heard this has worked for some) and if nothing else works, will try connecting through a USB ExpressCard slot.....let me know how it goes!
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I tried turning off the wireless lan, but still had the same issues. When I restarted my laptop with the balance plugged in it went away. It only happens when I plug the balance in AFTER booting the pc... let me know if you get similar results. I'm thinking it may have something to do with windows recognizing from the beginning that Balance is my main Sound Card.
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Sounds good - i'll try that later - here is something else I found which might help us
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Hi there, have you logged a case with our product support about this? There are a few things that could interfere so it'd be good if you did contact us so we can help pinpoint and fix any problem for you
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Have not logged a case yet, Will do so for sure if still having trouble when I get home from work Thanks!
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I solved this problem by using an external USB self_powered Hub (belkin) at 15 Euros and by changing the buffer disk file location in the advanced preferences of Reason.
The file location was in C/ when Reason was in D/. I put in in D/ as Reason and everything works fine. It is strange that my problem was solved doing BOTH things above. It would not change anything with just one of these actions. Who cares now, IT WORKS !!
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i have same issue and i think there might be a problem with IRQ someone that have solved that problem?

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