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Question Audio Latency.

Hey Guys! Long time no see.
Don't know if anyone remembers me, but it's great to back!

I recently got a Reason 6 upgrade, and I love it! Only one problem: I'm having an audio latency issue.

I'm using an audio interface by the name of: Focusrite Saffire 6 usb.

I've updated the drivers for it and all that, but I'm still having some latency.
Midi works fine and is on point in terms of timing, the audio is just not. I changed the buffer size too but that didn't help much. And I unplugged the usb to different inputs on the computer, and that's another issue all on it's own. I have everything set up the way I need it to be, but the only problem is the latency.

Sorry if this post is kinda vague. And thanks for any help you guy's can give me.


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If OS specs are important too, please let me know.

I'm running Mac os X 10.5
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you should get the latency that is displayed in your audio settings in reason, what buffer size did you set and how much latency does it show??
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First I set it to 512, then to 258 I believe. I'm sure by what you mean when you say "How much latency does it show"? Would that section be under the buffer settings?
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I'm having the same problems...I'm having to move everything that is not audio forward by 56 ticks with the groove mixer, which works, but is not ideal. Basically the latency means that I can't listen to programmed MIDI in my headphones because it will be out of sync. Any ideas any Reason 6 users out there?
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If you enable software monitoring then your audio will be "off" with the amount of latency that you hear. Meaning if you play so that what you hear through the software monitoring is correct then it will be correct later too. If you disable software monitoring it should record the audio at the moment you play it (relative to what reason plays at that moment). So it should be correct if you have direct monitoring though your interface.

Reason can only really control its own processing buffer, which should be small enough at 128samples. What the audio interfaces driver etc. add is outside the control of Reason. With software monitoring no audio interface really gets below 8ms real latency.
Plugin latency issues? Phasing on parallel channels? Want to know the real latency of your audio interface? Try the VMG-01!
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