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Old 2012-02-01, 08:47
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Why do my blocks show up blank in the song sequencer?

Hey guys,

I can't seem to find an answer to this ANYWHERE, even though it seems like a simple fix. Basically any block I draw in the song sequencer using the pencil tool, shows up blank. It's starting to drive me crazy! PLEASE HELP!
Old 2012-02-01, 09:15
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Have you switched on Block mode - the button near the transport?
Have you cut your clips out of normal song mode and pasted them into the block?
Have you checked the video tutorials? - I had no idea how to use blocks until I looked at the tutorials again and read the manual and away I went!

Old 2012-02-01, 14:03
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Options>Show block clip content in song view
Old 2012-02-01, 18:10
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The Blocks should actualy show up in the Sequencer_page ' almost like *ghost channels or tracks* Try this,,, In song mode/Sequence_page, Write some beats & bass_line pads & so , then lasso the whole 16 or 33 bars & Copy that data over on the Block page , Once you have done this ' flick back to the SONG page [Top Left hand corner] & delete the data, it will probably still be highlighted from COPYING ? Now in your BLOCK Lane draw some data & apresto , what you coppied in the BLOCK page will appear as soon as you let go of the Mouse click ! **Hope this Helps** ,

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