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Cool 1 pop beat, 1 hip hop song

whats up p-head folk. just looking for some listens & opinions on my latest beat (the 1's). its an uptempo pop beat but i have a hip hop concept (as far as lyrics go) for it. the drums are simple & its full of synth sounds. the hip hop song (i'm from) is an extra for your ears. i did this song a while back but went back & remixed it last week. you can go to my reverbnation page if you wanna read the lyrics to it while you listen. well let me know what you music lovers think...

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rEaCh without hands
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Great work on both these joints Jay. That break down in "the-1's is waaaaay cool man.
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i appreciate that guy
rEaCh without hands
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Yeah sounds good bro!
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You're a hero Eric...thank you.
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thanx very much guy. i appreciate the listen.
rEaCh without hands
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definitely like where im from although I think the hook needs some work

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