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Good headphones for mixing - Options

Hi i'm just wondering if you guys can provide a few suggestions for a good rugged pair of headphones for use with my DAWS.. I don't rearly want to spend more than £150 MAX so a few suggestions and links would be much appreciated. I know that mixing isn't recommended through headphones but im in the situation where its a bit of a must at home or i end up with a frying pan around the head when im blasting out through the monitors from the wife.. ;-P
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A lot of people here would recommend the Beyer Dynamic DT770 pro to a matter of fact i suggested them to a friend of mine based on these positive reviews...
and they do sound really good!
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You may get 100+ replies here with recommendations, and they will all be correct because there are so many brands and so many personal opinions. So anyway, here’s mine: . Check out the four links listed by Sweetwater Music.
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What Clark said.

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