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Old 2012-05-05, 20:04
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Bouncing mixer channels with aux sends..

I tried to bounce mixer channels for a project. It works of course, but most of the aux sends were active, sending the channels from the mixer to an aux for reverb. What I end up with is 20 dry tracks (granted they have EQ and compression included, which is fine and what I wanted), but my only option seems to be receiving a big "wad" soundfile with ALL the reverb return mixed together in ONE file.

If you play everything together at 0db in let's say protools, it sounds just like it did out of reason. BUT, ALL of the effects are committed to the lone FX return file. Let's say I wanted to turn down one of the tracks I exported. The reverb return is still blaring in the FX audio rendering.

What I'm getting at is that when you bounce mixer channels, there should be an option to include the aux send/return in the channel you're bouncing. Basically, you would end up with stems that have the proper associated FX on them if an aux send on the mixer channel was the technique used to achieve the verb.

I understand that insert effects are rendered with the audio if needed, but who puts the same verb insert on EVERY track? That's what aux sends are for in a mixer. One verb, and every channel gets sent to it as needed. When you end up bouncing mixer channels, this verb should be included as an option in the actual bounced files data instead of one huge nebulous FX return mix file that has ALL the return data.

What I ended up doing is soloing each track in the sequencer and bouncing as a song, which finally gave me proper "effected" stems of each track. This is how I've done it the past with reason 3 and 4, but bouncing mixer channels has the potential to be a real time saver - with the exception of not being able to include standard mixer aux send/return effects in the "auto solo/bounced" files. You have to checkbox the FX you are using, but it all comes back in one file for all the tracks.

What's the point of bouncing channels if you can't adjust a single track and it's effects are commited to a mixed cloud of verb with other tracks as well????

I realize that I could just set up my own new verb in protools and start sending the dry tracks to it, but I happen to love reason's effects/verb, so that would defeat the purpose!

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