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Additional track colors for Reason

It's a small thing, I know. But I have often wished for more colors in Reason. I feel I am better organized with color coding tracks and I often find myself wishing there was simply a greater selection of track colors to make the different instruments pop out. Reason seems to have chosen a few bold colors and then quite a few obscure colors that don't generally stand out to me. Would love to see some more in a future update one day! Then again, maybe I'm just being picky. Absolutely love the program and appreciate all you guys do!

-A die hard Reason user
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I've been asking for more colors for a while. Let's hope Reason 6.5 will have them!
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+1 for more colours
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Yes please!! It can't be that difficult can it? But for those who really find colour coding helpful, it would make such a difference. Ableton Live 8 has more colours and the palette in Logic Pro 9 floweth over.
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Double rainbow total with ya bro love colors !
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enter the function by dragging download the audio file into the main sequencer to your computer desktop
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They should just use a color wheel like logic.
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I agree also there should be some sort of color wheel or something so we can have more colors.
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defo, needs more colours! i actually hate the green and burnt yellow colours very much
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I'd like the option to set one fixed colour for the note editor background. Most of them don't give enough contrast to see the grid clearly.

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