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Old 2012-06-05, 07:55
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Question How Do You Change Tempo WITHOUT Changing The Imported Audio Speed?

Well, as the title asks, is there a way to change the tempo and yet have the imported audio stay it's natural tempo?

My problem is that I originally the song at 60bpm and at 4/4. However, after scrapping the music aspect of the song, I wanted to keep the vocals and the ambient noise at the same 60 bpm rate. However, when I changed the song to 160 bpm instead, and this time at 3/4, the vocals and sped up as well as the ambient noise. So I exported the vocals and ambient noise as a song at 60 bpm and 4/4, then created a new song file, made it 160bpm and 3/4, then imported the vocals and noise thinking this would be a work around. But sadly once again they are playing at warp speed. Is there a way around this that I do not know about?
Old 2012-06-05, 08:30
MayorMcCheese MayorMcCheese is offline
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R6 > Help > Reason Help > Index > Disable Stretch (Audio Clips)
Old 2012-06-05, 08:47
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Exactly the info I needed, I just did not know the term for it. Thanks MayorMcCheese!
Old 2012-06-05, 18:55
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Well, I take that back, I seem to be lacking the area is is talking about to change. Here is a picture of what I am talking about.
Old 2012-06-05, 19:52
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What you have there is about automation of time-signatures. Right-click on the time signature in the transport bar and and select "Edit automation". This should give you a new lane regarding Transport / Time Signature.

Also, right-click on an audio event and select "Disable Stretch", for the items you don't want to get stretched out, while increasing the overall song tempo.
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