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Ignition Key Issue

Upgraded from 6.0 to 6.5, however, ignition key not recognised by authorise.

Any ideas?
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I've had it with software companies and their punishing of the people who actually pay for their products. How about making something that works out of the box, Propellerhead? You won't be able to do anything with crackers anyway, so why do you keep punishing your buyers? You and Arturia and Korg are all alike. Wasting your customers time with your non-working/immensely irritating copy protection schemes. I'm moving back to hardware for sure.
BTW, I can't get my dongle to work. Not in Firefox, not in Explorer. What now?
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Same here. The browsers couldn't find the dongle. Tried Chrome and Internet Explorer. Same sh-t.

I then started Reason with internet authorization, browsed around in the store for a while, went back to license management and suddenly Chrome discovered the key. Works now. Bizarre.

<edit again> ... except that it didn't actually add Pulsar to Reason. It was there "Installed" in the Rack Extension Window, but not available in Reason. Took some time and some messages "Your Rack Extension licenses are not up to date....", and some Reason re-starts to finally work. Does not inspire confidence...

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Hey, a thing that worked for me was to reinstall the codemeter software to the latest build. Initially tried plugging the key to different USB ports and using different browsers but yeah, updating codemeter was the trick.
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I have tried Firefox, Chrome and IE - none of which work. I have upgraded the Codemeter software, removed the Ignition Key and reinserted, rebooted the PC and still can't get this done.
After 40 minutes of fannying about with it I have got it to actually recognise that the Ignition key was inserted on 2 occasions. Both these attemepts to authorise have failed with the following error - "No changes to your Ignition Key/Balance are possible at the moment. You need to reload this web page to restart Authorizer."

When I reload, it goes back to not recognising that the Ignition Key is plugged in again.
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where is that upgrade ??? can you give me a link pls !
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pretty much the same issue here however....

my guess is that the servers will be overloaded, I may be wrong. Sporadic, random connections to the servers all indicate that there is a lot of activity (to be expected in all honesty). I'm currently downloading rack extensions apparently without an internet connection (according to the Rack Extensions download dialog box

I recently started testing Warehouse Management Systems software for a living, I feel these guys pain
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Granted, it may just be overloaded authorization servers... but it's very poor customer service to not (at the very least) post up some kind of message to that effect. Being frustrated in a vacuum of non-information is much worse than some small message indicating "Hey, just keep trying, you'll get through eventually as the load lightens."

In the meantime, update CodeMeter hasn't helped, nor any of the other hints. The "Rack Extensions" window does say "No connection to license server. Please check your Internet connection and try again." Internet is fine, so that license server must be completely slammed.
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I finally got it authorised. I think the authorisation servers must be slammed but if you leave it a while and go back in a couple of hours it might work as it did with me.
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ok !! lets try again folks !!! thank you

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