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Old 2012-06-18, 16:24
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Thumbs down Writing license to Ignition Key not working ???

There is no Propellerhead Ignition Key connected to your computer right now.
Do you have a Propellerhead Ignition Key? If you do, you can insert it now and reload this page. If it doesn't show up right away, try to reload again in a few seconds.
If the key is inserted but not yet detected, just wait a few seconds and then reload this page.

This is the message I am repeatedly being hit with, my ignition key is connected but it seems to think its not.

Truth is I'm getting really pissed off with Propellerhead now, first the outrageous prices for the RE software and now the simple things like writing a lisence to a key are not working properly, whats going on ? Can anyone help me out with this problem ?
Old 2012-06-18, 16:42
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Did you download, install and run R6.5 at least once?

Really weird that you would have so much trouble. Can it be a bad IK or USB port?
Old 2012-06-18, 16:50
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Yes I even watched the Propellerhead tutorial video and followed the step by step instructions, so I've downloaded 6.5, ran it once, and then attempted to write my lisence to my key, the computer recognises that the ignition key is plugged in, however, Propellerhead's "write lisence" page doesn't. Absolutely no problem with any of my USB. I think this may be the start of Propellerheads demise as a user friendly company. All I can say is thank god I didn't download this on Saturday night when I had a gig or I would have been completely screwed. Propellerhead really should have remote online support if this is the way things are going. Amazing as their software is, if it won't work and users are going to be ripped of for RE devices, I'd be more inclined to simply boycott them as a matter of principle. WHERES THE FUCKING HELP SECTION ??? Sort it out Propellerhead. Negative comments on your youtube videos will put a hell of a lot of customers off
Old 2012-06-18, 16:56
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I'm guessing this is a problem with the 6.5 update because I just installed the update and I'm now having the same problem as you with the ignition key but I never had this problem before. Glad to hear its not just me cos I thought I might have to replace my ignition key again. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Do Reason engineers/developers read these forums?
Old 2012-06-18, 17:03
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Lets hope so dude coz if they don't we're both screwed along with everyone else whose having this problem. I have another gig on Wednesday night and if my ignition key isn't working then I'm absolutely screwed. This type of complication is extremely uncharacteristic of Propellerhead. However, ripping off their customers was uncharacteristic of them too, but now they're doing it so who knows, maybe they're about to become just yet another unreputable DAW manufacturer along with their main competitors. What a joke. I'd love an angry word with that Swedish dude with the grey hair who makes this all sound so easy, if they've not answered me within the next hour then the youtube video of a very pissed off me demonstrating this bizarre problem is going live.
Old 2012-06-19, 09:49
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Same problem... "no changes to your Ignition Key/Balance are possible at the moment" When I try to authorize!!!!!!!
Old 2012-08-17, 06:48
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Amazing, all of this and I literally just bought it and upgraded the very same day it arrived. How can you have so many issues right out of the box and no responses. Seems like 6.5 has some bugs that are presenting a real problem I hope I can get a resolution here so many others are experiencing the same thing and no answers yet??
Old 2012-06-20, 07:27
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Ditto...6.5 won't write the license to the key and does not recognize that it is there....drag...real drag!
Old 2012-06-20, 10:19
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Thumbs down ignition key problems

so, i just updated Reason last night, and immediately ran into the problem. when trouble-shooting today, i implemented each suggestion that had been successful for another user. i still had no luck.

all the symptoms are more or less identical to those given by a few hundred others in this thread alone.

oh, almost forgot that i need to qualify my second statement. there is a suggestion regarding removing the R6 license before installing R6.5. i tried to do this, but couldn't figure out how. there were a few suggestions where some of the steps were not available, which i guess may be OS related. i use Win 7 64-bit.

and as far as hardware goes, there are no problems - to be sure that i'm not a liar (lol) i even tried two separate inputs from different groups in, so if one had failed, the other would have worked properly.

i'm not going to go on about how all i'm ll pissed off at PH for a very inconvenient oversight or glitch, but i can understand why a few folks are peeved, but you can always re-install R6. if you can't even open reason, then you haven had much time, if any, to make any particular rack expansion the centerpiece of you next big project.

enough about that. as for me, my setup is the OS as given above,M-Audio 1010LT, a video card with more power than i need, AMD X64 925 Quad-Core 3.3 GHz, 8 GB DDR2 RAM. Not top-of-the-line as it was when i built it, but still very reliable.

so now you know my specs, and we all know the problem, and we know that i've tried everything suggested that was possible. is there perhaps a way to delete a license from the ignition kit that i am not familiar with. i've found no such feature in the ComStick app.

i'll keep sifting through the crazy number of posts on the topic. thanks in advance for any info you are willing and able to share.
Old 2012-06-28, 20:13
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I am having the same issue. Very frustrating to keep going in circles!

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