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Alternate knob graphics

Some of the knobs in the reason 6.5 devices and a bunch of them in the RE devices are hard to read. They're too shiny basically, with all sorts of flares happening as I turn it. Which is pretty, but it's a bit more confusing to see where the knob is pointing than it would be with the general Reason style.

So how about a way to change a device's knobs? I don't want skins. Just a fallback option.
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A good example of this is the Etch Red. I want to buy it, but I'm getting irritated trying to read the knobs.
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reason is not for you,

get ableton live it's perfect for what you ask
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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by chou View Post
reason is not for you,

get ableton live it's perfect for what you ask

wooow I can read this knob !

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


No Respect for the Talion Law , I whant it All !
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No, Reason is for me . I've been using it since v 1.0 I use the Etch now, and it's OK, but there's definitely a readability difference on different REs and even some of the built-in devices. I understand this would be hard to implement with the current state of affairs and I do appreciate having all of the different knobs.. mostly. I mean a few things, like Polar's filter knob going the other direction, as far as I can tell... that's annoying. But basically, don't tank a good RE with poor button animation. Useability has to be king. It can look weird but just make sure the current position is fairly easy to see at a glance. At least as easy as in the other Reason devices.
Basically, I can tell that it takes me longer to study the Etch and see the knobs than in most other devices. I can scan across the polysix or the mixer and see where all of the knobs are, but there's a lot of glare or reflections going on in the Etch. I mean I really have to look carefully at the pan knobs to see where they are just because there's a lot of different lights and shadows on those buttons. They're beautiful, I just wish they would have maybe rendered half the effects on those animations. Along those same lines, I really do not like the SugarBytes devices because they don't look like real 3d (I mean fake) devices. Same with flower audio. Maybe good function, but I don't want to put stuff in my rack that looks clunky. Appearance really does matter here because I'm going to be staring at these and using them for a long time. So I want them to look good and be easy enough to read. Just as easy as the other Reason stuff, that's all I'm humbly asking.
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Plus, I would like the ability to double-click (or something) on a knob/fader and input the setting number value via the keyboard/numeric keypad - turning the knob, even with shift(fine tune) is never efficient when you want to set a specific value.

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