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First song with RME Babyface

Hi there, here is a song I started on reason 3.0 and 4.0 and have only just finished now with 6.5 and the help of my new RME Babyface with the adition of the guitar track. For those who are after a review of the babyface all i can say is that i love it! I can't compare it to any similar interfaces because i havn't tried any on my system but i can say I don't regret getting the best one i could afford and it's leagues above my previous setup which was: laptop--Edirol UA1A interface--Analogue mixer--valve preamp--instrument. now it's: laptop--babyface--instrument and with the line 6 amps in Reason 6.5 it feels like i'm on the verge of actually finishing some songs now
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hmm. youtube link didn't seem to work. here itz
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Very powerful John. The second part of the video was too good though! My attention went from the music to the film when the desert night sky was on.

To video or not to video, that is the question. Whether tis better to be forgotten on soundcloud or half-concentrated-on on YouTube ... Well, it's better than being ignored anyway.

Do you know where the desert-stuff was filmed, by the way? I'd love to spend a night there.
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Thanks Pete.
Yeah sometmes I just get an urge to make a video with some songs so I just run with it even though it might overshadow the music somewhat. My real aim is to finish working on a number of tracks and start playing live and I think having some music on soundcloud and some watchable video on youtube could only be a good thing. I have recently updated the description on the video as a number of people have been asking about the footage. The time lapse footage was taken by and belongs to Stephane Guisard ( and Jose Francisco Salgado ( shot around the very large telescope (VLT) in Cerro Paranal, II Region, Chile. Altitude 2635m

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