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Midi out!!!!!

I know this is redundant.

Why not make a "Midi Track" just as there is "Audio Track", be able to select midi channel, output etc and record midi to it?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

I use hardware and would like to keep everything contained in reason.

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not that there aren't 7 other midi out threads going, but when I see one, I must reply......
Phuck my 2 front teeth...All I want for x-mas is my midi out.....
It would be a new big bang to use an access virus, and moog within reason.
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It seems that Propellerheads are not confident of the sonic quality of their own bundled synths, and don't want unflattering contrasts with great synth hardware to be possible.

I get it - I had to go and buy hardware once I understood that this is a big problem. And the simple fact is that a lot of hardware synths out there sound a lot better than what Reason instruments can produce. Examples are Dave Smith Prophet 08 and MiniMoog Voyager.
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1. Why you create new topic? Support Big theme abou Midi Out..
2. Hardware - we all need MidiOut. And its logical continue for new version of Reason (7 or 8).
Its #1 must have function for Reason.


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some one is already working on it .......
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Redundant post, I know. But it is becoming frustrating.
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