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Swedish house

Hi Guys,
made some swedish type beat today with my Reason, there are some mistakes such earpirced frequencies, bad arrange, bad mixing, small amount of fx, etc. so can you please help especially with some mixing tips on this type of genre and of course very preciate for your feedback, let it coming guys
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Hahaha ' I swear Igo u are taking the Piss ' Right you must know it Clearly goes out of Tune / 1.17 secs it plays that riff 3 times & Only goes out of tune once ! & then there isThE purposefully Weird & Almost out of tune Glitch section @ 1.59 ,,, te h eh h eh ' funny tho & i quite like its odd qwerkyness
Both Edward Snowden & Bradley Manning should be nominated for NOBLE PEACE PRIZE: Lest we become a 4th reich / Globally >>>>
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Little bump here ... so I improved version of my last house beat, hopefully someone's gonna like it, need your feedback please.
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