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rewire ableton lite to Reason6.5

Never done this, so looked at this site for the instructions and it failed at the step1. After launching live then reason, reason does not automatically go in to slave mode. Live doesn't see reason in it's output type.

Is this because they are probably running at different bit rates?
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If you're on Windows, you need to install the 32-bit version of Reason. If you're on Mac, you need to run Reason in 32-bit mode.
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How do you run Reason in 32 bit mode on a Mac? I can't find it. Thanks
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Oh I found it myself! To run Reason in 32-bit mode on a mac you have to use the finder and go to applications to the Reason app icon- right click (control click) to bring the drop down menu- go to get info and there is a box in that window that pops up that says run Reason in 32 bit mode yay!

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