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Exclamation Reason 6.5 not sustaining my notes

When I record notes into reason it just records 1/8 notes instead of actual sustained melodies that I manually record.. This has never happened before and now it is happening..

FYI I am using the new Nektar Panorama with Reason 6.5 on a brind new iMac 27"
Also this is the ONLY midi controller being used in my preferences..

It just simply stopped working..

Anyone know a fix..
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Does the controller show up twice?

That sometimes happens and produces the symptoms you are describing.

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My m- audio is doing the same thing I think. Can't record what I am playing. Hearing beeps on playback.
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Yes "Nektar Panorama" and Nektar Panorama Mixer Mode" .. If i delete "Nektar Panorama" I can't play the keys at all... If I delete "Nektar Panorama Mixer Mode" I can't use the mixing functions/advanced functions of the keyboard, and it still does the same problem!!
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Press 'Internal' above the display.
Then, press 'Zones' on the internal page.
Do you have multiple zones enabled? If so it may be that you are transmitting the same MIDI note on 2 different channels which causes this problem I think.
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Anyone know a fix..
Try this...

Look in your home directory for the Reason profile folder (.something-or-other), and rename it to .???-date or whatever.

Then when you re-start Reason, it will create a new preferences file. Sometimes these files get corrupted and cause things to not work correctly.

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