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Vocals help...

...I have started to take a little more interest in my vocals in the last few months,
being never much of a singer, this area has always been overlooked.
I had always put them deep in the mix, almost superfluous.
Now my singing has improved a little, I am wanting some tips on what to use to bring them out and more importantly make them sound full but not overpowering.

Any tips and techniques that offer a foundation would be fantastic.


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Here’s a great start: . And this bad boy always comes in handy -

And try using either a Polar or two Neptunes at +/- 5 cents or so to spread the vocal.
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by MayorMcCheese View Post
And this bad boy always comes in handy -
Nice diagram! Thanks for the link
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Mic placement is key...... get the best sound WITHOUT processing FIRST (move the mic around until u get the closest to the sound u are looking for. Maybe, depending on the performance, a 3:1 comp ratio BEFORE ur voice hits tape.... once recorded and if u need some EQing, be careful. If u feel u need more highs, pull back on the lows, as opposed to adding highs and push up for more level. This should help a bit....
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It's always good to have a look at the mothership:



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