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Attempt at a soundtrack

It's been a while since I posted anything...

This an experiment to make movie soundtrack(ish) music. So it's orchestral and has different transitions from suspense to euphoria and happiness. Or at least that is the intention...

MIght then develop three of the themes into other pieces. It's all a work in progress - as ever.

All comments, suggestions welcome. [Apologies, I also meant to say it is a little lengthy with a fairly long intro - meant to be for a suspense but may take a little more patience.]

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I really the like deep string repeating phrase in the introduction. The violin counterpoint is a good idea, but they may have too much "body" and maybe should evolve to the melody line--just thinking out loud. I feel like the violins should deveop against the cello, not proceed the cello. (Is that a cello? what do i know!) At about 2:30-3;00 the deep and middle strings start to pick up the melody line, and for me this was really great--but I felt like maybe I had waited too long. Still, something great wants to happen here--but maybe not the harp. i think stings could pick up the melody for few full melody statement--wait--that happens at 7-7:45--bravo. Piano needs its own little area. Its plays nicely over the full melody, though. An intersticial "non pulse" space is indicated. Love the kettle drum. Lots of good stuff--good luck

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Like the part at 7:11 with the strings. Piano is nice.
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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, very much a work in progress! I agree it takes too long to get going and basically more needs to happen.

Will continue...

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