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Spam,as messages from Props.

Is there a way of dealing with this..
I've had a couple of messages,that have gone to spam,which appear to come from Props,but are not...when I open full headers.
Well,I just don't open stuff like that,but,of course I don't want all my Props messages to be labelled as Props have a section that deals with sort of thing,such as banks etc.that I could forward these onto.

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Contact support and forward the emails to them if they are pretending to be propellerhead
I've had a few from 'banks' claiming that i need to log into my account etc which is stupid because i've had that message from every bank except for the one that i bank with lol ;/
Do the emails ask you to provide information such as log in details or anything like that?
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Hey Villa...
No,its just bullshit stuff,and the filters picked up that it wasn't an actual Props naturally I sent a reply, telling the sender what I thought of no good,but there you go..thanks for the reply..cheers

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