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malstrom, instrumental

an istrument that seems to redefine everytrack I use it on

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sounds good...
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Jazz or creapy context? I hear the jazz hook, but then it's kind of a creepy intro.
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Hmmm, some nice sounds you have created Lucille , Just have to hand it to Malstrom ' its always my first choice , i can kinda make any sound i can think of with the Malstrom + Fx of course , i do love the CombFilters ' Plus & Minus , so easy to get that Strecthed Metal sound
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I like the sounds Lucille!
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Pretty swank use of textures
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I like the majestic mood of your track.
Maybe you could be more confident in your piano chords and remove some of those kind of Dragoon breath to let some room for those beautifull chords.
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Fascinating study in sonic textures. Captivating and pleasant to hear. Keep up the good work.
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