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Holy crap, what have I done?

Hey everyone,

It appears attempting to install Reason 6.5 is the equivalent to opening pandoras box~ Have installed the new program, and reinstalled the soundbanks from my DVD as instructed. Now the program is saying it's unable to install Rewire. Quote: "ReWire installation failed because a file was locked while copying the ReWire library into /Application Support/Propellerhead Software/ReWire."

I feel like I'm getting in way over my head, and I just want to be working on projects again. Can somebody please help me?

Thank you,

Joel Dust

(JoeDustE by night)
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Make sure you exit all over programs whilst installing Reason. Also on a Mac sometimes the permissions go screwy so you could try fix permissions.
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Are you on Mac or PC and what are you ReWiring in to?
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Nevermind, it was just getting blocked off from having portions of the older reason still active. Got 'er all figured out! Thanks for the help, you guys.
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the software problems never end mate. spend more time googling and trawling forums to find answers cause these software company clowns cant even make something simple. I got rewire problems with protools 10.0.1 since I upgraded to reason 6.5.2. it never ends
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Originally Posted by DoomsdayPreppers View Post
since I upgraded to reason 6.5.2.
wut ? where can I find that ?

It's user error, as you can read, so don't go flaming devs

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