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Old 2012-09-27, 21:00
snuup408 snuup408 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Been gone for a few months.......just a comment

Been gone for a few months learning new things and decided to check back in......and i see ppl are still asking props for the same simple upgrades.......Oh well back to what works for my smart.......2
Old 2012-09-28, 11:11
PsyTale's Avatar
PsyTale PsyTale is offline
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So your just back to make us feel dumb?
Old 2012-09-28, 21:05
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kloeckno kloeckno is online now
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Awesome feature request bro
Eric Kloeckner
My YouTube Page

with my band:
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Old 2012-09-28, 21:07
rogerlevy rogerlevy is offline
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So are you requesting that props lock this thread right now because I'd give that a +1
Old 2012-09-28, 22:08
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NMRosta NMRosta is offline
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Hahahah! I think there is pretty massive stuff going one right now! Where have you been, to the moon?
Old 2012-09-28, 23:43
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