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New Live Mode?

I think it would be absolutely wonderful for us gigging keyboardists to create a "live" performance mode, ala MainStage. Here's how I would love to see it implemented:

1. Have Reason go into a "perform mode" that fills the entire screen, fitting volume levels and possibly a note section in there somewhere.

2. Allow for users to trigger a midi phrase player for drum loops, rhythmic parts, etc.

3. Allow the sequencer to jump to specific markers in the sequencer, or better yet, automatically jump to those markers on a patch change.

4. Make it SUPER easy for Reason to send and receive any midi signal (i.e. program change, midi channel, midi CC value) to change/when changing patches.

5.Create a super combinator program that allows utilization of more midi controllers.

6.Allow for better mapping of midi controllers to patches, perhaps through scenes. For example, Scene 1 might include my M-Audio Axiom mapped to a synth patch and my MPC controller to a Kong preset. Recalling scene 2 would switch my Axiom to a piano sound and my MPC to the next drum set.

Thanks, Propellerhead! You all are the best!

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