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Maschine with reason

Ok, so I'm using a maschine mikro with reason 6.5. So far I have been able to map the pads and the transport controls to reasons transport.
What I really want next is to be able to map the rest of the buttons on my controller to reason, for example, the three buttons above the screen I would like mapped to Rack, sequencer and mixer, so that i can easily flick between the three on my controller. I have tried this in control editor by assigning these buttons to the function keys on my keyboard, f5,f6... but when i hit a button it triggers a note rather than going to the mixer :/

If anyone can shed some light on this it would be much appreciated, If i can map the whole controller to reason the way I want it then I will be able to do a complete PDF manual to help other maschine reason users out as well as a template.
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Well what i'm trying to do is set up my own template, i've already got maschine's transport linked with reasons and i've got all my pads mapped out.

I just need to know why even though I have the MCU function keys all set up in maschine control editor so they effectively become my laptops F keys, when i'm in reason they are triggering the notes/drums, when what they should be doing is triggering f4,f5,f6 etc...
I can't load the other template anyway because it's for maschine rather than maschine mikro

Just to be clear, it's the keys above the screen that don't seem to be working the way i've set them up. All the buttons in the transport section work fine and so do the drum pads.

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i'd also love to know how to do this. I just ordered one from Amazon and want to use it mainly with Reason exactly how you describe. Did you have any issues mapping the drum pad's of the mikro to drums in kong/ReDrum etc? how easy is this thing to program in reason?

I doubt very much id use this thing outside of reason as i am mainly looking to get it for use as a controller in reason, and for the free copy of massive.

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Here's my instructions I posted in another forum to help people out, this is how i'm using the maschine controller with reason at the moment and it works very well, don't forget that you can also use the pads for synths too as they are basically just assigned to notes in the piano roll. Let me know how you get on with setting it all up
First, go to preferences - control surfaces - add - other midi control keyboard - and select maschines input

For the pads go into Native instruments control editor and start a new template, call it reason and now where you see the pads say off you need to click each pad one at a time, then go to assign and change the note values (don't forget to change the values of both hit and press). On the first pad page I went from C1 going through each note in order C1 C#1 D1 D#1 etc... until you run out of pads. I've created a few pad pages and each one I just start from where i left off on the previous pad page. The pads are actually pretty simple to do.
Useful tip - You can create 8 pad pages so instead of mapping them all across every note, why not set up 4 pages that only contain notes of a specific scale, e.g., Pad page 5 could only contain notes from the scale of Aminor

For the transport controls, I tried to use maschines control editor (with no luck) by assigning the 'MCU' parameters to each button. Didn't work so what i did was tweaked my reason template that I always use on new projects. What you have to do is click options - remote override edit mode and then your rack will kind of grey out, now if you click on the transport bar you'll see a load of arrows appear. Now one by one double click an arrow of a button that you want to map to maschine and a lightning bolt will appear, then all you have to do is press the button of whichever button you want to learn that control. Don't forget that once you have mapped all the buttons out in a blank project, save the project, place into your templates folder and select it as your default template (if you want to)
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Originally Posted by tyerac View Post
free copy of massive.
Ye, the free copy of massive is awesome! All the software you get with it is awesome, you got the daw, massive and everything that comes with komplete elements - it's heaven
You'll probably just have to email NI support asking for a serial number and download link for massive, took them a week to email me back so just be prepared for a short wait It's totally worth it
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How's the NI MKM? Would you have up'd it to the bigger machine, in hindsight? Im sold on those NI pads, but I didn't know Massive came w/the Mikro as well. Thanks.

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