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Old 2012-10-19, 13:31
dlorre dlorre is offline
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Using Reason samples in smartphone software?

Hello, my name is Dominique, I'm guitarist and I'm developping a smartphone app that will play music scales. I can sample my own guitars but I would like to also play piano and bass sounds. Since I have purchased a license of Reason Essentials I was wondering if it is okay to use Reason sounds for that purpose ?

Thanks in advance
Old 2012-10-19, 13:39
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Any sounds you make with Reason are fully licensed for your use. There are some third-party refills which place some conditions on use, but not Reason itself.
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Old 2012-10-19, 14:04
dlorre dlorre is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 10
Thank you, I was unsure if the license was only for composed music or not.
Old 2012-10-19, 17:08
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Read the EULA carefully!
I believe its strictly forbidden to sell Propellerheads samples! even more so without paying credit to them.
Your best bet would be to contact propellerheads directly using the support form. This is a topic you shouldn't take lightly because it's about copyright infringement, which can get pretty uncomfortable...
so basically don't rely on just users, but talk to the people directly. who knows, if they like your idea, they might cooperate or even support you.
Old 2012-10-19, 17:11
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Yeah i'm pretty sure this isn't allowed just like that. It would involve licensing the samples as you will use them dry and direct (not in the context of a song).
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Old 2012-10-19, 17:20
dlorre dlorre is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 10
Thanks for your insight. I have been searching all day for the EULA but couldn't find it anywhere.

I will not use dry samples because the smartphone audio is very clumsy so I need to tailor them to my needs.

However if it is subject to cause any trouble I rather give up, it's easier for me to rent a piano and a bass and sample them myself.

Old 2012-10-19, 20:53
dlorre dlorre is offline
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 10
Thanks for the link and encouragements. If I was making some music composing software I wouldn't even ask but this one is for playing scales such as pentatonic or bebop so I don't see any harm here.

From what I see in the EULA it's forbidden explicitly without permission:

The sound samples and musical examples connected to the Software may NOT be reformatted, mixed, filtered, re-synthesized, or otherwise edited or altered for use in any kind of commercial sampling product/package or software- this is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Propellerhead Software.
That's fine with me, and no I'm not giving up, I just don't want any kind of trouble. I was just being lazy and I really like the piano and bass sounds here

I guess if I make sounds with Subtractor it would be safe to use them, because that won't be samples, yes?
Old 2012-10-19, 23:59
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Dave909 Dave909 is online now
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Yep perfectly safe As long as it´s not recordings you are safe man
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Old 2012-10-20, 12:59
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If you're just having it play back a recording of a scale for the user to hear and not making your own version of the NN-XT for them to play or something, I don't see why that wouldn't qualify as a piece of music like any other more complex song you make in Reason.

If it's all individual notes that you let the user play...that one I'd contact Propellerhead about directly to see what would and would not be allowed by the EULA.

I suppose the safe thing to do would be to email them either way because everyone you're talking to right now is just a user like you. I think they're all out of the office until Monday morning (in Europe) though.

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