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Support for VST plugins

I love Reason but I also love my East west VSTi's also I love my Universal Audio plugins. If Reason could support this I would never have to use Cubase again! If we could run things like BFD2, East West symphonic orchestra, Goliath even NI Complete inside reason that would be amazing! Support for 64 bit only would be great! Think of the expansion to those products it would bring and also think of what it would bring to Reason. I get that you implemented reason Rack Extensions thats great but for instance I already bought the UAD emulation of the Trident EQ, why then must I buy it again? Would it not be great to to able to use a UA 1176 or fairchild or whatevr inside Reason!?
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you can't no more expect vst support since RE exist,

and even if UAD plugins are good, nothing can justify the use of a DSP dongle at such a price nowadays,

I'm ok to support the fear of piracy if it cost 30 usd but I cant accept the idea to pay more DSP card to have more instances of plugins since the DSP system is overpriced and underpowered like UAD is

and the superior sonic experience UA offered in the past is no more an exclusivity with a lot of native companies that offert amazing native plugins

I'm glad with the one and only dongle we have with Reason and RE,

no need to add another since this one at 30 usd works very well,

but UAD is more about paying DSP cards than plugins, so I don't see UA to port their plugins to RE protected by IK dongle.

and to support a DSP plateform is a huge task too and a total waste of time for PH

especialy when you see that a vast majority of peoples moanning about 29 usd RE,

I don't see all of them spending 1500 usd on a DSP card just to be able to run 300 usd plugins.

UAD is for me already a dead plateform due to the dead end created by DSP cards,

If UA release RE with no DSP cards needed, I would be interested again.

but no more UAD jail for me.
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I personally don't mind the dsp card. I wish they could transfer all their plug ins into RE format. Then I would buy the Dsp card.
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I asked Props for VST about 10 years ago. The answer was 'NO'. Since that time I understood their concept and I agree with them. REs are a cool thing and that's enough for me.

I'm really tired about this VST whining!
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Originally Posted by spatzle View Post
I'm really tired about this VST whining!
Wont ever go away, people love Re's but im thinking they love there VST's better.

A lot of people are sick of using Logic, Cubase ect.

Reason in my opinion is the best DAW BUT having to rewire all the time is long and tiresome for me + ends up with messy projects and large file sizes.

Sugar Bites Cylops, N.I.Massive and Machine are my favorite synths/samplers to use in my productions.

We need vst support, were not going to get it but WE STILL NEED IT!!

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When RE's came, I don't think we gonna see VST in reason cause the developers would have been wasting theire time doing RE's of theire stuff instead of focusing on vst and "HOPEING" to see vst in reason.

So why choose reason when you KNOW it didn't support vst in the first place :P

RE is close enought for me, when and if the props will updated the SDK so the developers can do fold, switch panels and more , vst will defenitly be obsolete I think...
Just think of the possibilities of the RE's backside

Just give it time, I am guessing that many more RE's will come

And I think many wants vst in reason cause many vst's are free... and RE's are NOT!

Support the developers!
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No I suppose asking for VST wont go away. Iagree with your rewire statement 100% Would be amazing if they could just make it work
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This is not an advert for UAD lol. Imagine being able to use your fav mix plugins in reason. THat would be powerful!
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Originally Posted by JollyRogerZA View Post
This is not an advert for UAD lol. Imagine being able to use your fav mix plugins in reason. THat would be powerful!
Pointless, that's what other daw's are for. Everyone knew that reason would never support Vst's and yet they get it and demand Vst support anyway :/
RE's have opened up the rack and given people choice and variety with all these new devices from all sorts of devs - there's your vst support, why not email your favourite developers and show that you would be interested in seeing their products as RE's if you want to use them in reason.
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This is not a debate to use UAD or not. I simply suggested that if I could use my UAD plug directly in reason, man that would be cool. I know some people feel that way about UA like you, but it is a personal choice andyes they have the best plugins avaiable for professional studio (not home studio)

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