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Old 2012-10-26, 06:56
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Question Why are the Rack Extension only available for a limited time?!?

So, I've added a few REs that I picked up for free back when the were first introduced, and a few where thy dropped the price very low. However, I did have my eye on two extension were about $50-$10 per extension (no longer know remember what they were called). When I checked back about three months ago, I seem to recall that one was still there, and the other wasn't. Cash has been tight, so I was planning on picking them up once I had the disposable funds. I'm just about at that point, and now neither extension appears in the shop!

Are they just selling most of these for a limited time only? And then what do you do? What's even the point of creating a "plug-in" and then discontinuing it. Am I missing an "archive" page/button in the store where I can view all newer and earlier REs?

In ht end, I can do without any of it, and can save the money, or blow it over at the FXpansion site for new expansion packs for BFD2. Still, the tools I had my eye on would have been nice for mastering, and I see no logic in developing a product that you only end up selling for just a few months. If we were talking about something physical where one must take cost of materials into consideration, design, and other profit-eating inputs. But this is code that has already been developed for a platform that is still that latest version. I'm not going to pay more if they bring it back just because I can only have access to buy it a few times per year. One would be a fool to pay a price created by manufactured scarcity. Also, why take it down, even if it wasn't selling well. You have no floor space to monitor, and the space such items take up on a server is minimal compared to many others, unless that reasoning is somehow flawed.

Sorry, I've kind of venting, but mostly curious as to why the REs I've had my eye on aren't there any longer (one was a maximizer, I think - not recalling the other, atm). I would have purchased one this evening had one or the other had still been there.
Old 2012-10-26, 07:05
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No REs have been dropped so far as far as I know. There are 49 REs as of now.
Old 2012-10-26, 07:28
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Originally Posted by boner View Post
I'm just about at that point, and now neither extension appears in the shop!
Just going off a hunch here:

The front RE store page only shows a featured selection of available REs, it does not show the whole list. Click on "browse" to get the entire line-up, which is starting to get kinda big now.
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Old 2012-10-26, 08:45
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No Re's have been removed from the shop, you must have done a "Try" option (basically this is a trial period of 30 days" then when it ended they are removed from the RE list in your account page. Nothing you can do about this, you didnt "buy" them in time.

Another option is that you tested beta and got some of the beta re's (Radpiano, pulsar) and they were removed after the beta ended. Nothing you can do about this.

If you actually bought some re's (money was wired from your bank or cc to the props) then you can goto this page:

Click on the Rack Extensions tab and then choose download all. All bought res will be downloaded again and the licenses will be written to your ignition key. If the problem is reason telling you your missing some licences, then goto:

and press update licences. Thisway all your licences on your key will be restored to what you have bought.

If you open reason now they will appear.

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Old 2012-10-26, 10:12
boner boner is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
Posts: 42

Thanks for setting me straight. I'm pleased that it's user error, an not that the extensions were taken off the market.
Old 2012-10-27, 08:30
boner boner is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
Posts: 42

@PsyTale: I was having trouble locating many of the earliest released REs in the shop. No problems finding them in Reason. Have not done the "try" option yet, since I've been sorting out other issues apart from Reason. I checked the shop the other day and wasn't able to navigate to the full list, as I kept missing the link to go to the page where all REs are listed.

Thanks for taking time out to give some advice on the technical side, as it may prove useful to me at some point, as I accumulate a few more REs. I only have a couple of the free ones they offered at the beginning.

Anyhow, I neglected to address your response yesterday, and wanted to say cheers for taking time out to help, and being nice about it. lol I've been a member here since 2005, and have used Reason almost exclusively since 2007 (minor changes this year with the introduction of an Alesis DM10 Studio eDrum control surface, which required additional software, as my MIDI programming skills are a 3 on a scale from 1 to 10 lol), and it seems every time I post, I come off as a total noob. lol Not totally the case, but it does feel like it at times. Good that I'm not too self-conscious.

Thanks again!
Old 2012-10-27, 08:33
boner boner is offline
Join Date: Apr 2005
Posts: 42

@platzangst: Danke! I had overlooked that option. Your hunch was spot on, and I thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

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